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Angry new 65cc motor issues

ok i was real happy to get this kit now after a trip to the ER and a concussion im not so sure any more. any way the bike will run it seems to only like 3/4 throttle or more . and when i put the motor in neutral the engine dies and i have to restart it again. its a pain trying to ride and play with the choke and the mixture needle Because when it takes off it does GO!!!. can anybody help me get this weedeater running right Im thinking this motor is way to touchy and i cant afford another trip to the hospital
heres the hook up
black and blue to the coil respectivly and the kill switch is hooked up in parallel to those wires as well.
i know this motor should idle my weedwacker does
thank you for your help

ive been an auto mechanic for 20 years and this thing is driving me nuts . i thought KIA's were POS cars . I think im going to bring my air hammer home and finish this motor once and for all. cheap chinease pos . and the ebayer i bought it from tell me to come here and post the question instead of helping me directly. i have never had such a terrable ebay experance in my life. i think i would have been happier if i spent the $230 and never recieved this POS .
wish i could resolve this issue with "dacscommm" but hes just going to get horrable feedback

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