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Default Re: My Dumpster FIND! will it work?

It runs in my mind that the 3 speed hub on the back of that Huffy had a Shimano
with the lever that was pulled by the cable to shift. I remember pedaling backwards
when shifting thru neutral to either low or high. Although they are called 3 speed
they are 2 speed and should probably be called 3 position. Still they are nice to have.

I've restored some free and $5 dollar bikes and everything is contingent on your source
of supplies as to how cheap you can restore it. Way down the river from me is an old
mom and pop bike shop and I don't know how they get their parts so cheap but they
have the lowest priced stuff around my area.

My last restore now has my Free Spirit front friction drive motor on it. When I was
looking at a Schwinn Cranbrook at WallyWorld recently it would have been over $90
dollars and I think what I restored is twice the bike for half the price. Not to mention
that I think it is more the type of bike that Tanaka designed the motor for.

You may want to hook up a cable to your hub and see if it works.
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