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Default Re: new project aka "Molotov"

So I'm pretty much at a stopping point now. I got the pedal chain hooked up, it took 2 chains for a 21spd bike. I rode it as is to walgreens and back twice. It's about 2 blocks. The ride back was more fun, though I had to stop a la Fred Flinstone. Right now I have a free wheel on the back until I can pick up my coaster brake wheel next Tuesday. All the welds are holding together despite the fact they look like doodoo. Once I get my rear wheel, I'll finish up the welds and reinforce the rear part of the frame. I'm waiting to hear back from my neighbor on that pocket bike of his. If not, then I can get a deal on a 4 stroke frame mount kit. My bicycle guy is selling the rest of his kits at cost just to get rid of them. He said that the key on the drive shaft keeps coming out. I told him that a couple of small tack welds should hold it in place. Anyway, I've had fun just pedalling it around, but with the way the seat sits and the position of the pedals, I really want an engine on it.

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