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Default Re: Replacing Stock Carb

you can send me your carb and I can make it purr. Lots of very small things to check and do that one mistake and you will need to buy more parts there are some carbs that come out made very well and some I think are using reject parts just to get them out the door.
One thing is find out the size of the main jet then mic. the needle it has to be tapered right or it will idle rotten and have a miss off idle up to about mid range and at wot if the jet isn't right it will bog and do all sorts of strange things. I did mine just yesterday the needle was off and the main jet was way too small and out of round.
Once you get the carb dialed in with a 70cc engine and a 44 tooth rear sprocket you can take off by pushing off with your foot and no pedaling and go!

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