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Default Re: Hello From Gainesville, Fl

The statue in Florida, as far as know, from what Ive been told, is as long as it is motor assisted (having pedals) you may ride on the street if it is under 80 cc. I was pulled over once cause I was in the left lane waiting for the cop and other cars to pass so I could take a left. Well he pulled a U-eee and stopped me. He said you can't ride that in the street. I said well I can't ride it on the sidewalk either. He thought for a second and said no I guess not. I replied I guess I just bought this for nothing. He was kinda stumped. Then I lied and said, " I looked up the statue online and it read under 80cc motor ASSISTED is OK" He said, "Well' I'm gonna check with the department attorney and send out a memo. Never heard from him on the memo. Now I just cross the street while pedaling and going a little slow. I see cops all the time and they just look. I try to take routes with a bike lane just to be safe.

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