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Default Re: Motor Squealing

Okay, well after reading your tear down a bit more thoroughly, I have a few questions.

You mention not to take it apart on the clutch side. Currently I have the pressure plate removed and the nut that is on the outer side of the rod that moves the pressure plate back and forth. The both the large and small sproket are still attached. How much further do I need to tear this side down.

I see in your tear down that you move from this side to tearing it from the top down, is that necessary for what I need to get to? Can i pull this rod out from the other side, drive side?

Also, how should I go about removing this shaft and keeping the loose bearings from falling out. I assume it is in the center of the clutch plate (plate with pads on it) in the two metal parts (I assume one is a cover and the other the race?)?

Sorry for all the questions, seeing the 50 some odd bearings fly out on the tear down is making me want to get this right the first time. I don't necessarily want to tear it down from the top down since it seems the piston side of this motor still works. It seems to be the drive end thats screwing up and if I don't have to Id rather not tinker with side that works.

The more details I can get the better off I will be.
I appreciate it, hopefully I can get motoring again soon.
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