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Default Bike rack for econobox

I have been putting off getting a bike rack for my wife's Hyundai, but the time has come. As some of you know I sold my car. My bike is my only form of independent transportation. Something came up today on her second day of retirement, Things like this will surely come up again and again. We need to go somewhere together, but then she needs to go somewhere I do not want to go. So, I need to carry my bike on the Hyundai then ride it home. That way she can go to a different place. Also I need it just in case I break down and she needs to come get me.

So here is the questions. The car is only a couple of years old and it has one of those fake plastic bumpers. It does have a ring under the trunk that looks like it might be there for towing purposes. I have no idea how a bike rack would attach to this car. Or even what kind to buy sooo. If anyone can help I would be very grateful.
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