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Default Re: 54t or 60t sprocket needed

Originally Posted by Deispring View Post
I've got a 48 tooth sprocket on my bike now, but it's not giving me enough torque to get up a rather steep hill on my way to work. I'm pulling around 300lb so I need as much torque as possible. So, will either a 54t or 60t give me what I need, and if so, where can I get one. Any time I see a 60t sprocket online it referes to them as being #35 pitch, and i have no idea what that refers to or if it will work.
Here is the link i found.

#35 60T Sprocket 4 Bolt

I know that I'll have to drill out 9 holes to get it to fit the rim, but will it work in all other respects? If not, any other suggestions out there?


Thats dax has a direct replacement NO drilling needed.

56 tooth 27 dollars plus ten dollars shipping.

ARE You are using a happytime engine and motorized bicycle parts .
The 35 pitch is a scooter size
You will have to change your drive sprocket and chain to use a 35 pitch rear sprocket.
WAYYYY too much work when a direct replacement is available easily.

Your scooter place does have a nice price on throttle cables though.

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