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Default Re: Jim's Sprocket Adaptors "Great Value"

Originally Posted by Retmachinist View Post
Tom, Jim's adaptor will probably work fine on that wheel. That is the way the wheel was on my silver bike and the adaptor worked because it is located back about 5/8 of an inch to the inside of the spoke flange. The way he has it built you have quite a bit of adjustment side to side. That is why it works so well for lineing up the sprocket.

I was thinking the same thing. The amount of taper is slight. For no more torque that we're producing with these little engines I think the contact surface would suffice. If a guy was really worried about it, a few minutes on a lathe or another method of spinning the adapter, and an abrasive tool, sand cloth etc, could make it fit just fine. Even wrapping the center of the hub with some shim stock would work if the adapter was bored to fit the outer diameter. Jim? Comments? I don't think the issue is serious enough to abandon the universal kit concept just yet.
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