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Default Bicycle Motor Squealing


Ive been doing quite a bit of lurking and searching and have an idea of what my problem might be but figured Id pick your brains. Anyway, I stopped riding the bike for a while because of this squealing noise that sounds like it is coming from the motor.

After some searching I narrowed it down to either the clutch or the main bearing within the motor. I adjusted the clutch as per some directions that came with the motor. The clutch works a bit better now but there was never anything wrong with it.

The squealing comes regardless if the clutch is engaged or not. Its harder to hear when the motor is engaged because it is running. It does not seem to vary with rpm but is intermittent.

Is the main bearing or bushing shot? I bought the motor from King Motor Sport and have almost 20 hours on it. I am quite capable of tearing down the motor, but have not had time to do it until today. Its been some time since its been ran. If I tear it apart what should I be looking for? Can I purchase the bearing anywhere like say tractor supply or Napa or something of the sort?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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