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Default Re: Jim's Sprocket Adaptors "Great Value"


Thank You!

"How is the CreativeEngineering adapter on a Schwinn OCC compared to the Schwinn OCC sprocket adapter from livefastmotors in terms of stability and durability (length of time without the need for adjustment)?"


I have no idea...I've never had the livefastmotors product. I can assure you that mine requires no adjustment after installation. As far as durabilty goes; It will outlast any other component on your bike.

"My Jag has an elliptical hub. It's not a dramatic ellipse but it is larger diameter on the outboard ends than in the middle. Sorry, battery went dead in my caliper so I can't give you an accurate measurement but it is easy to see. Both front and rear hubs are ellipitical and carry the brand name QUANDRO, stamped into the hub. The Jag is about 2 months old, purchased at Target. So what gives? Are they using whatever hubs they have or is there differences in production runs?


This is truly painfull to hear! It sounds like you have the same wheel on your Jaguar as I had last summer on the Point Beach. Now I'll have to go through the whole mess of having to ask people to check the type, and measurement of thier hub prior to ordering a kit. The pain...I had hoped I could just make a no hassle kit for a bike. I guess I'm going to have to choose a solid manufacturer that won't switch things up on a whim.


How goes the progress with the jag motor mount kit? any feed back from the prototype?



The Jag kit is nearly finished...I'll keep you posted!

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