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Default Re: Motor Refuses to start

you see gas fumes at the breather, that ain't right.

First pour the gas down the plug hole to be sure it isn't inside the cylinder. If it starts and runs a second then you have some kind of carb problem.

Okay it it runs on raw gas then you have spark, you have compression.

Send Norman your carb along with the price of shipping a carb back to you. See if Norm won't ship you padro's carb by return mail. If you can see gas fumes it's probably flooding.

The weed eater bike did that to me yesterday made me crazy. In my case the throttle was stuck dead open. Are you sure you have the throttle assembled correctly.

Take your carb loose at the manifold tube. Do not remove the throttle assembly. Look down the tube into the carb and work the throttle see if the needle is moving up and down. If not that is your problem

you should have some slack in the cable inside the carb allowing the needle to shut the gas flow off or have you set the cable adjustment so tight that the needle cant shut down and just pours raw gas into the engine flooding it.

if it is moving correctly exchange it with norm so we can at least rule the carb out.
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