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Default Re: Jim's Sprocket Adaptors "Great Value"

Originally Posted by marioaz View Post
Just bought a new Point Beach from Wal Mart and a Grubee GT-4 from USABikes in Tucson. Kit arrrived in less than 24 hours UPS (I'm in Prescott, 200 miles north).
The rear hub is round and calipers measure 1.185, or about 1 3/16".
Elliptical? Anyone else have a round hub? What about the Jaguar?
My Jag has an elliptical hub. It's not a dramatic ellipse but it is larger diameter on the outboard ends than in the middle. Sorry, battery went dead in my caliper so I can't give you an accurate measurement but it is easy to see. Both front and rear hubs are ellipitical and carry the brand name QUANDRO, stamped into the hub. The Jag is about 2 months old, purchased at Target. So what gives? Are they using whatever hubs they have or is there differences in production runs?
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