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Originally Posted by adventureluck View Post
How the heck would yer tensioner last at all? Mine is half eaten away after 20 miles. I could put it on real loose but then the chain just falls off. I put it on tight but so it spins easily with the chain and the chain still falls off and I've got burnt rubber. Man I must be doing something wrong.
I keep my chain 1/2 - 3/4" play and make sure the chain tracks straight on the tensioner wheel. Some have had to bend the bracket so the chain is not on a angel on the wheel.

I also lube my tensioner frequently usually after three to four rides even if I only go a few miles. And always after riding in the rain. I use wheel bearing grease to lube it.

I also have a motorcycle chain roller ready for when the stock wheel gives out, I have been saying that for at least a year and so far it is still going.

pic 1: Motorcycle chain roller

pic 2: Taking tensioner apart and cleaning

pic 3: Lube tensioner bolt/shaft with wheel bearing grease

pic 4: Pack wheel bearing grease inside tensioner wheel and reassemble.

pic 5: What my roller looks like with (at that time) 5,280 miles.
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