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Default Centrifugal Clutch wobble - before & after

Since I now have the clutch cover fitting on without scrubbing the clutch plate and pins it was time to get at installing the stuff that the clutch cover covers, simple task I'm thinking until till I bolt the clutch assembly on and roll the engine over a few times. Wobble we wobble to wreak havoc on the crank bearings and my sanity while riding it I'm sure. So exactly how much wobble was it that I was worrying about? I mounted a DTI and got a reading of about .020 with the assembly on and on the crankshaft end itself I was reading .015, I recorded a DTI test with the assembly bolted on so I could show you all what I was seeing...

YouTube - Clutch wobble 1

After thinking about how I could fix it up a little without too much fuss I decided that my Dremel tool with a freshly dressed medium grit stone would be the best option. After some careful work on the .015 high spot on the end of the crank I managed to get the reading on the DTI, with the assembly bolted on, down to about .008. Not perfect but in this case not as bad as .020 either and as much as I wanted perfection I worried that if I went to far I'd end up with a sloppy fitting clutch assembly on the crankshaft which would not be a good situation either. These clutches and how they mount are basically a light press fit and it's not keyed to the shaft like the gear is. Anyway I recorded the new reading for you all to see as well...

YouTube - clutch wobble 2

I should have it buttoned up this later this morning...will finally get to test it when I go out to mail Jim's carburetor

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