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Default Re: newbie please help with decision on friction,chain,or belt

I looked at both and decided on the chain drive, based mainly on price and the completeness of the kit. I'm hoping that the clutch will reduce the drag on the chain. I just ordered the motor over the weekend so I don't have any first hand experience. The electric bike that I have does not have a clutch between the motor and the chain so that if the motor is off I am using it as a generator. I would have liked to get a 4-cycle engine. I think they are more reliable, but none of the kits I looked at were as finished as the chain drive ones and they were more expensive. I am also a pretty large rider and have to contend with some steep hills and I was concerned that the friction drive would slip. I had a friction drive back when I was a teen that rode on the front wheel, that was fifty years ago, but it was designed better than any of the friction units that I've seen so far. I'm more concerned with hill climbing ability than speed. I can hit 50 on the downhills but would be happy with 20 going up. I will post more information as I get the bike built.
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