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Default Re: Rookie moto-biker & 1st build story

A little mechanical ability goes a long way, doesn't it. It's apparent that you have more than just a little. I noticed that you secured the muffler; an often overlooked item that causes some problems if the muffler is left to flop around. Like John said, putting a twist in the tensioner bracket is essential. I'm impressed that you saw a need for it before it caused you any trouble. If I could make one suggestion that would be to secure that bracket to the chainstay with a small bolt or as some do, a self tapping screw. All too often that bracket can loosen and rotate into the spokes causing all kinds of bad things to happen. Otherwise, congratulations on an excellant build. You've done everything right and obviously enjoying the fruits of your labors. Welcome to the forum and now that summer is coming you're going to have some fun. I also love the military look. Maybe some stars and bars or U.S.ARMY on the tank. As for protecting your paint from fuel you might consider looking at what is available for model airplanes. (flying models like radio control or control line) I've used a clear coat over paint and decals and model plane paint is fuel/gasoline resistant even when using high nitro fuels. Several brands are available at hobby shops. Good luck!
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