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Default Re: What have I done?!?!

Well we got the bike riding today and all I can say is wow. The shift kit changes the way I can ride the bike in every way I thought it would, even more than I thought it would. You can make such better use of the available power from your motor, it's amazing. Evan helped me finish the build last night, and after fighting a little with chain length and tension, finally got it dialed in this morning. He actually got to ride it first! I had to wait a couple more hours to take it out, but I made up for it. After work I filled the tank up and joined my buddy for a ride with a group of local moped riders. We met and did about 15 miles with a group of 10 or so, ending at a local establishment in Seattle. The bike didn't just keep up with a fairly sporty group of moped riders, it did so with ease! We rode again later, and my friend and I finally rode home to our respective homes just moments ago.

In total, we did 36 miles, average speed 23 mph, max speed 40.2 mph. I stopped and checked chain tension, both front and rear hubs, headset, and cranks between the first ride of the night and the second, and all seemed to be holding up well!

Thanks are owed to both Jim from SBP and Evan from Fire Belly for all they did to make this a successful build.

I'm going to bed- will post a pic or two tomorrow.

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