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Now I have a much bigger problem. I just got back from a little ride and could not peddle my bike at all. Makes startin out kinda sucky. My rear derailleur is continually popping my chain off. It keeps shifting to a gear even lower than 1. And the chain gets caught in between the gears on the rear wheel and the spokes of the rim. (IF you haven't noticed, I don't know a lot of the "technical" terms of bikes, so bare with me and I'll describe it best I can.) I stopped and took a look at the derailleur arm and adjusted it all the way and when I got to where the screw wouldn't go in any more I noticed that the top of the arm where the chain goes onto the little gears in the derilleur was bent. A lot. I don't remeber running into anything that would have bent the arm like that, so I'm really not sure how it happened. The best Idea I have to take care of this is to get rid of the derailleur arm, shorten the chain, and just have a 1 speed bike that I can at least peddle to get started.
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