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Default Re: Jim's Sprocket Adaptors "Great Value"

Originally Posted by grouchyolfart View Post
I could have sworn I read a post that mentioned that the PB rear hub was eliptical. I didn't check yet, so I just threw it out there. Gotta do some work on the bikes today anyway so I'll check.

You are not mistaken!!! You did see that the Point Beach has an elliptical hub. You saw it on my site. The first bike I motorized was a Point Beach...It had an elliptical hub, so I used it as an example of a bike that could not use one of my adapters. I had a customer call the other day to let me know they had recently bought a Point Beach and the hub was cylindrical. Schwinn has changed the rear wheel for the better. The Jaguar I have has a cylindrical hub also.

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