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Default Re: First Look-Jims new engine

Originally Posted by leftywoody View Post
Jim did I miss the info on the cost to the customer of each unit , including shipping ? I am all about american made and would like to possibly order up as soon as I can get a price . Very nice work by the way .
I haven't started a thread yet that covers all of the details. It took quite a bit of time to refine the design so that I can use the best off-the-shelf items.

The engines will be $375, with a core program that will allow money back for an existing engine. The core rate will be based on the condition of the core.

The design is finished, I just need to set-up an engine page on my site with photos of an existing engine disassembled, and the CAD renderings for reference, so that everyone will know what is going to be changed.

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