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Default Re: Jim's Sprocket Adaptors "Great Value"

Thanks guys!

I price all of my stuff based solely on time and materials. I wear all the hats, so there aren't any manufacturers to deal with, no wholesale to retail tier level profits.

I tried ebay, but I couldn't justify it; thier fees are so high. The charge was $3.35 for a clutch kit, add $1.30 for paypal. It was costing me $4.65 to sell a clutch kit. The paypal fees are acceptable. Thier fees are comparable to what it would cost me to get set-up to accept credit cards. I have thought about trying ebay again...for the exposure...and simply raising my prices 15% to cover the ebay fees.

The sprocket adapters & Sprockets are a real value when considering the alternatives. I had not planned on making sprockets, but it ended up being necessary in order to guarantee a totally hassle free installation. John was able to buy, and use, the adapters prior to the sprockets becomming available. He owns a milling machine, and had no problem drilling a precise 3-hole pattern.

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