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It is gonna be expensive. One thing I was thinkin about doing is having my buddy weld me a bracket on the fork I have. I was looking at forks an ebay and there are some cheap ones, but I love the color of my moon dog and I don't want to get another color fork on it. Another thing thing I was planning on doing before I got this brake idea was to put a springer front fork on it, but I don't think a springer can support disc brakes. Which sucks cause those springers are sweet, and I need some suspension on this thing. A fork isn't all I would need either, I would have to get a new front wheel that has a disc mount on it, I couldn't find an adapter of sort on ebay, then I would have to buy the disc brake kit. So if I buy all this stuff I'm probably going to end up spending about 300 bucks. I'll probably just buy a set of V-brake pads every couple weeks. It just gets annoying having to keep adjusting those things. Something I thought of this morning was that I might not have to adjust them as much any more because before I got this thing runnin like a champ the other day I had to ride my brakes a lot because the throttle was stuck halfway open and the thing was always screamin around when I was riding it. Maybe now it will just putt around and the brakes will last longer. Theres a real nice bike shop down the street, I'll stop in and see what they have to say brake upgrades. They already know I motorized my bike and they give me that disappointed parent look every time I go in there to ask them somethin... I love it.
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