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Default Any Problems With Staton Clutch Drum Spacer?

I'm having problems bolting my GP460 engine onto my Staton friction drive. Just couldn't get the four bolts started. Top two thread easily, then bottom ones won't even start. Bottom two thread in, then top two won't go in. Doesn't matter if I turn the spacer to any position. Bolts and holes have been cleaned w/WD-40.

Sooo, I removed the engine, flipped it over and dropped the clutch drum into place.

This is without the engine channel, just engine, spacer, drum, bearing and roller in place. When I tried to thread the bolts in it's the same story.

Four bolts will NOT thread in because the spacer itself is a fraction of a millimeter too wide.

I marked the bolts' position on the spacer and will grind it down for fit.

Come to think of it I've also had problems reinstalling the Mitsubishi engines whenever I change rollers (I also change clutch drums and spacers when I change rollers).

Anyone else having this problem?
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