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Default salvageable Engine?

My bro has a 70cc chengine bike. The other day he said that he was riding it and had a throttle cable issue, so he fixed it and adjusted the clutch because it was a little sloppy too. He said when he went to pedal start it, it would try to turn over. I told him to take the clutch cover off, and the cover for the crank sprocket and try to turn it manually with a scewdriver, you know, like what we do to put a new chain on. He said it wasn't moving. That told me the engine was locked up. He went on and ordered a new one from DAX, and went on an took the engine apart. He sprayed some WD-40 in the cylinder and got the piston to loosen up. After that, he took the cylinder off, and here's a pic:

lyn's dilema.jpg

Between the amount of carbon on the piston and the discoloration on the head, I'm assuming that it overheated due to insufficient oil. Would this be correct? If so, do any of you guys think the engine is salvagable?
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