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Default Re: First Look-Jims new engine

The "making" of this engine is fairly routine. High tolerance assemblies are second nature for me. I'm no novice when it comes to engine technology. The amount of time that was required to source all of the best shelf components, (based on the design changes), has been monumental.

As you all have surmised...I am finished with the design work.

I need to take pics of the existing engine components, and do the text for why my engines will be better. I.E...every flaw has been addressed.

At the time this info is posted, there will be a one week window for final pre-paid orders.

Most people know I'm going to be making these, what they don't know is that they are not going to be stocked! They will be made in batches of no less than 20. I already have 20 orders, so they are going to be made!

Most people want instant gratification, in that they can order a product and have it show up immediately.

The next batch of engines will wait until there are 20 orders...unless a few would like to pay $600.00 to have it now!

It's just the nature of things in the shop...volume keeps the prices in check. One-off's are expensive.

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