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Default Re: Huffy Cranbrook or Schwinn Jaguar

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
Make a new unit and simply mirror the engine cases, then the engine would not have to turn in the opposite direction. The engine would still sit in the frame the same way. The installer would be forced to make it work with additional hardware, or do without the pedals. A custom set-up could easily be done, and yes it would alleviate the jackshaft...but it would have to be designed for a number of frame styles. I can mirror image the new cases in my design program...simply 180 all of the components and done! I may try it this summer just for fun!
That sounds like quite a summer project! I looked at it again and that'd be the best way to do it. Even if you fixed the magneto you'd have to tilt the engine at a crazy angle to get the drive sprocket to line up with the main sprocket. Either that or get another pully and if you're doing that you might as well just go with a jackshaft!!

Looking forward to seeing your Jag kit!

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