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Default Is this right?

i live in a large apartment building,the dumpsters used to be in front parking lot and people would throw furniture and bikes next to it,but now they moved the dumpster to the back parking lot and they have recycling bins and a trailer for metal,but heres the kicker,the trailer is owned by a person that rents a apartment here,not the owner of the building,now the manager takes the metal next to dumpster and throws it in the trailer.
i saw the trailer and was told before that i could get something out if i wanted to(not true)
i got a broken exersize bike out for the pedals and the owner of the trailer came by and said no one can take nothing out of it,so i offered a few bucks(all i had)for the short peddals and crank and told him i didnt know,which i didnt. so i guess you can put bikes and metal in the trailer but not take none out. the apartment manager doesnt care because they get it hauled away for free and the owner of the trailer gets all the metal and bike parts he could want all to himself.o well atleast i got my peddals and short cranks that i needed for my bike.but if i have any metal scrap to throw away,im going to put it next to the dumpster.
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