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Default Re: What have I done?!?!

Originally Posted by lordoflightaz View Post
I had issues while breaking in my engine. I had the shift kit installed and I did not have enough weight/strength to start the engine. The shift kit changes the way the bike starts. I almost installed the standard sprocket to finish out the break in. IChanging the fuel mix fixed the problem. Just an FYI. I am sure others have put the kit on a brand new motor without my issue.
You bring up a good point - we generally say you should do one thing at a time. Install your engine stock, get it running well, then start the mods, including adding the shifter kit. A little tip is to adjust the clutch so it slips just a tiny little bit when first starting a virgin engine with the shift kit. Then when your engine is broken in and making power adjust the clutch for no slip.
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