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Default Re: SRAM front drum brake hub

No worries Ozzie, all's cool

I've been sending out some emails today to bicycle manufacturers to see if they would sell
just a frame or fork sets. So far no replies.

There are some bike frames I've found that are pre WW2 that would be ideal for me and
I'm just trying to find a frame builders now who could produce them in small runs. But they have
the real vintage look. I've been thinking about using these 10 speeds I've collected
but they just won't have the "look" I want.

So, this week end it's supposed to be quite warm and sunny here so I'll hit some places I know
of to see what's available. It reminds me of that Johnny Cash's song about "one piece at a time".

One thing for sure, that eye candy at eBay ain't cheap.
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