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Default Re: SRAM front drum brake hub

Originally Posted by eDJ View Post
Yeah it's one of those "Huh.....quick second look" ! things I'm designing into my build
to give it it's own uniqueness. I mean, how often do you see a rear wheel in the front forks
rigged to actually work ? The front forks will be a dual fork springer system as well. The head
lamp I've designed will give the whole front of the bike it's own "wow power".

So it leaves me scavanging the junk piles and eBay hunting for vintage eye candy to build with.

I'm beginning to think there could be a good business in building replica's of some of these vintage
components. Frames, springer forks (I can think of about 5 patterns), headlamps, horns, and other
things that simply don't exist in "new" form.
Sorry, don't get me wrong I think its brilliant! I was more thinking and typing than doing the "you should do it this way" thing. I hate that. I would be so wild to have a variation of you front break mod and my rear on the same bike! I'm definitely goin to try it!

I can hardly wait to see you bike with this mod!
Building 2nd kit in 6 years. Cheez this time. 1st one was a DAX.
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