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Default Re: Evergreen State biker with a brand new lemon

Your very welcome J. Is a funny sort of thing. When I got into this (MBs) I really enjoyed the heck out of the concept but was new to the "forum" concept. As I got into more out of the box stuff (building a flying motorized bicycle and adapting engines to run on propane) I looked around other forums for advice. In wondering around I noticed MB'ers are quicker to say things like "I got one, give me your addy and I will mail it to you" Or "..that happened to me and I fixed it by..." A lot less proving smart, but really wanting to help.

Last yr, at a motorized bicycle Rally I drove in with my motorized bicycle strapped to the back of the car. It had a flat and before I had it offloaded and on the ground, 6 guys were reaching to help me swap out the wheel.

Dunno why this crazy seems to attract a certain kind of person, but it does. Now your just one of the inmate's with keys, snork.

worst apocalypse ever
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