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Ozzie, I was just looking at your photos and tend to agree that a front brake would
work best with a dampened front suspension. I was wondering if the dual brakes on your
rear wheel cause the valve stem to lean over time ? (usually where the tire and innertube
slide on the rim under braking conditions) I know on the rear rims of my big bikes in the past
there were wheel to tire locks used to help keep the tire from sliding due to braking.

The coaster FB I'm studying now would
be used with one not only for braking but on my intended vintage build it would
also render some eye-intrigue to it. (a gimick perhaps, but I'm trying to incorporate some
mechanical movements into the design that will predate what most people today have
ever seen) There is a movement afoot now called "steam punk" and I'm considering
touching on some of that in my build if I can.

Steampunk definition: a genre of science fiction set in Victorian times when steam was the main source of machine power.

Here's an example that falls between Vintage and Flash Gordon's time. I can just see the cat
in the hat riding it.

You may have seen something like this in "Old Comic Books" of the 20's-30's Art Deco

It can lend itself to Trikes too:

In the most extreme there is something like Jesse James would build:

But for my build I'm going to stay more with old mechanical movements & systems.
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