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Default Re: This was a necessity!!

Originally Posted by Brains View Post
Mb's end up becoming an obsession I reckon, even more so than vegimite, it will be great to see your mods when their finished rmeloy.
I am excited to do a few things to my motorized bicycle "just cuz its cool",Last season I was all too happy with the way she looked because I had given alot of thought to the shape of the Frame and I pirated some old school fenders off an ancient bike in Gramps garage,I was going after that circa 1909 motorcycle look,I havent "matched it" but it will certainly be "in the spirit of",Yeah,I think that tank mod will make the bike,right now she just looks like an old cruiser with a teardrop tank but the more I learn the more I want to do.I think once I do that Ill start in on another build cuz now I know what I would do different.
Had some necessary issues lately just to get going again,its been a bad week for rear rims,I have a 7 gear cluster with no derailer,I thought it would be more practical to run it direct,well in this case its either too loose or too tight,I opted for loose on the pedal side but it was loose enough for the pedal chain to jump up and tear up my hub....TWICE well,I got it working again although Ill need a new rim and probably have to rebuild the bottom bracket.
When I choose to build again I will either find a single sprocket or I need some input on how to properly tension the pedal side That would be great cuz I like the frame I have and I have an identical one ready to go......Well if it works dont fix it! im probably good for a couple hundred miles and hopefully Ill be working full time again by then so cash wont be the issue,well thanx for getting back to me,...Rob in CT
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