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Default Re: Which way to move stop on needle valve to lean out mixture?

That is not powdercoat, it is paint. Exhaust systems do not welcome paint. Because of heat and because exhaust is corrosive. It's corrosivity seems to undermine the paint.

It takes good surface treatments for exhaust systems to keep their finish; they don't waist time or $ w/ that on these motors.

Ghost0 is right, read your plug. Also, what is your oil ratio? More oil means less gas and vice versa!

Some of the kits say 16:1 for break in 20:1 after. That's too lean (gas) and too much oil. Go something like 20:1 B/I and 32:1 after a couple tanks. Good luck!

This may seem irrellivant, it's not, too much oil affects your motors ability to burn gas which causes heat to build up and messes w/ your plug readings i.e. can make it look darker/richer. Cleanly burning (and not exploding) fuel helps keep your top end cool!
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