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Default Re: Howdy! From Illinois.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Chain thing can be a drag. (throws folks? lol, I couldn't decide which bad pun to use)
Not only is that a good Pun Dan, but a hard felt FACT!

The first half run around the block, the chain came off and locked HARD against the spokes at the rear wheel. Damn near threw me as the bike went into a total skid to a dead halt. I ended up buying a whole new chain from a local bike shop here in town to get that successful first 30 miles under my belt.

I'll try to post pics when I learn how and/or have enough posts to be allowed to do so. Then you guys might take back the "Great Lookin' Bike" compliments. It really is an ugly old thing....

But it's become so much more fun now with the Engine working now!!
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