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Default Re: Evergreen State biker with a brand new lemon

Ahh Buddy. Ran into a bit of a chain saw, eh? Bet you wanted to take a hammer to it. We all been there, lol. Normal reaction is to just sell it and if thats what you want to do list it in the swap shop section here. Many folks here, near you who can buy it and make it safe. You would not be doing any thing wrong by selling to an experienced builder.

You actually bring up a great point. I sell complete motorized bicycles and these are much better suited for the hobbyist and not a consumer looking for a more turn-key product. You acctualy just helped me make a change in my marketing strategy. Thank you.

Any way, if you want to get her up, running and running right, we will walk you threw it. The clutch arm can be found at Great guy to do biz with. And many times over, any question you have has been answered and you can wonder around here and find all sorts of stuff. Has been said but the rubbing and fender thing are common.

Might seem a great challenge, but if you decide you want to fix her up, right and tight. You can do it. Here is a link to a manual. will give you the basic idea and the rest can be found here. 2-Stroke Engine Kit Installation

Put the hammer down! lol
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