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Default Re: Evergreen State biker with a brand new lemon


Welcome to the forum.

We are a forum of enthusiasts so you should probably know that we love motorized bikes. In my garage I have a bike just like your 'lemon' and I love it. It has provided me with hours of fun. It too has a misaligned kickstand and a fender cut with tin snips. When I ride, I ride safely by following the rules of the road and wearing a helmet.

You say you want to recoup some of your investment. If you will not sell it then the only way to do that is to ride it. If you are going to ride it then you will have to take responsibility for it.

If my bike falls over it is 'my fault' for not making sure it was secure. If my chain comes off it is 'my fault' for not making sure it was tight enough or aligned properly.

If you are willing to take responsibility for your bike then we can probably help you. We have a great deal of experience with these and this group is very helpful. You will likely have to do all the work yourself however. Therefore you either need to be mechanically inclined or at least interested in learning.
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