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Default Evergreen State biker with a brand new lemon

Hello. I'm Jeremy, from Bellevue (425 area code). I joined this forum because I just bought a motorized bicycle, and it is junk. I'm hoping for some good advice (or perhaps even hands-on help form someone in the Seattle area) to help me recoup some of my investment.

Bought it last Thursday from a private seller, so no receipt (first mistake), didn't do my homework before hand (second), and when I rode it to work today it threw its chain. As I pulled over to fix it, I put down the slightly misaligned kickstand, and as I fiddled with the gear the bike fell over, shearing off the lightweight aluminum clutch handle. I walked the last mile to work, pushing my new bicycle. Classy.

With some inspection help from my friend, we realized the bike chain was scuffing against the tire, leading to a possible future blowout, and whoever had assembled it had cut out part of the rear fender to make room for the chain with a pair of tin snips.

I won't sell it to a casual rider - it's unsafe and it would be immoral to do so. I'd probably sell it to someone who wanted to work on it. Ideally, though, it'd be cool to actually redeem it into a functional vehicle.

Anyway, hi. Glad this forum exists.

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