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Default Re: proper 70cc oil mix?

Originally Posted by Cabinfever1977 View Post
gas/oil mix ratios:
18:1 7.1oz oil/1 gal gas or 1.8oz oil/1 liter gas during breakin
20:1 6.4oz oil/1 gal gas or 1.6oz oil/1 liter gas reccomended ammount
25:1 5.1oz oil/1 gal gas or 1.3oz oil/1 liter gas after breakin

i am now going to start using 20:1 for the rest of my breakin and
25:1 after my breakin.

and i would only use Synthetic 2-stroke oil after breakin,remember the engine needs to wear in during breakin using regular 2-stroke oil.
I have been trying this lucas semi synth at 32/1it seems a bit rich,smoking,leaking out and in general losing preformance,I was just about 8 miles from home with near empty tank so I borrowed 1/2 of gas and 2 nipper bottles of valvoline marine 2 stroke.(Yes a nipper holds 1.3 good to know when you want to carry)
anyway,I zipped home with excellent preformance. is this lucas oil just bad or is it a bad mix or what.
NO ONE SEEMS TO SAY I HAVE A 70 AND THIS IS WHAT IM USING AND IT WORKS GREAT,c'mon guys give it up,someone out there figured it out,Id be afraid to go lower than 32 normally mabey this lucas oil just dosnt burn through well.
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