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Default Re: SRAM front drum brake hub

Dan, you're right about that and I'll sketch that one too. (when I can get to it) It would
provide an opportunity for dressing that sheave to fit the period of the 1910's if it were
larger for sure. You'll see what I'm thinking later today.

On that 1946 Schwinn, recently I was looking at some of the local history books that are
showing up at the book store. These have photos from the archives of the towns newspaper
which just celebrated it's 100th birthday and from the Local UNI's archive of local history.
Of course I'm with an eye pealed for bicycles, motorcycles etc. I saw bikes like that one but
without the Loman that Western Union used where they had boys they would dispatch on them
to deliver telegrams etc thruought the downtown area each business day. That big basket and
small front wheel must have been a standard in those times.
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