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Default Re: Toss up honda 4 Stroke or mitsubishi 2 Stroke

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
Commander and Cabin, maybe you guys should take your own advice and buy a motorcycle/scooter.
Then after you buy your cheap used Chinese mc/ms for that price you can spend more time and $$ to maintain it....IFFF you can find the parts.

actually that will be my next move, (MC) I just got 2 basic 119$ engines added them to a free bike and a walmart bike. the bikes run very good. But I dont see a future in it for me as Penn state is a ***** at reg. and license of a MB.And my first post was basically why spend so much money if you dont have to, unless of course you are selling the 4 stroke here ? LOL

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Really sorry about all that Troy. I promise you that is out of the norm here. Quality and dedication to the art and camaraderie are the usual.
I think i missed a few posts , cause when i came back here my post to you had been removed not even sure why .

@Troy good luck with your new build and your decision to buy this 4 stroke
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