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Default Re: SRAM front drum brake hub

That will work eDJ! I am thinking a large bottom sheave will take up some of the travel. (I believe it will be a minor issue, but an issue) Only go around bottom sheave then dead-end it where the upper sheave is.

There are 6 bikes here. The only one with a coaster brake was confiscated by Carol as it was "to nice to put a motor on" LOL, She is a collector and I am a "let's tear it down and see how it works" The bike is a 1946 one owner, all original road bike (to sleepy to remember make) I am going to every goodwill/thrift shop in the state until I can find a bike with one. Am already thinking parts/bike. Like that TV ad where the woman asks the architect to design a house around a faucet.

These lamps are for that telegraph; Antique Ships Telegraph Oil Lamps ~ Chadburns Am thinking this build with a Dax 80. Cries for a classic looking engine on a old style English bicycle, yes?

Way OT. Found this trying to jog my memory about the confiscated bike. 1946 schwinn bicycle cycle truck with a loman diesel motor on it - Spring Hill - Sporting Goods - Bicycles
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