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Wink LED is a must for low power!!!

If you want really long battery life, you can use LED lighting. I get over 8 hours from 18-LED light on a 12V 4AH NiCd battery pack.

I also have a high-power 3W 12V LED and also a 55W 12V Halogen light. I get about 7 hours with the 3W, but only 40 mins with the 55W, so I use it sparingly, and stick with LED for long rides.

It's nice to use the bright light when you need it, but having a low power light for most of the time will save batteries. Also if your batteries get low, the lesser power light will still be able to run for a bit longer for emergency.

In your situation with only a small 2AH battery, LED is a must. You can have just 1W-3W of LED power and have plenty of light for hours. Regular bulbs, even a small one will drain your battery too quickly, and you would be lucky to get a full hour.
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