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Default Re: Toss up honda 4 Stroke or mitsubishi 2 Stroke

I am going with the mitsubishi. This kit comes with the nuvinci hub which is suppose to be sick. and statton inc.'s gear drive which has a lifetime warranty.. Price is not just for the engine. its for the engine the gear drive and the nuvinci hub.. How come nobody is talking about the nuvinci hub. The infamous CVT I thought these were the latest in motor bike geared hubs..You people are talking about toasters and jet engines and telling me to get a scooter. I think the idea of being able to achieve these levels of fun on a bicycle are just great and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who appreciates quality items in which I have inquired about. I have a motorcycle and a scooter, now I want a motorized bike.... A Nice one that stops and goes up hills from a stop and cruises down the flats without it sounding like a pushrod is going to shoot your nuts off ok. I should have been more specific I guess.. My first day. Maybe I dont want my motorized bike to look like a tiny motorcycle. With a tiny gas tank. Thats what my ambassador is for.
Thanks for everything guys..
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