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Originally Posted by brisbane_boy View Post
looks good brasso. what bike is that looks perfect for the motor.

Hope it goes all good. congrats
Thanks for all the welcomes again.
The bike: the frame only just fits in the bike (had to drill a hole in it because the clamp for the frame didnt fit), the left pedal scrapes against the muffler a little but i think its ok.

The bike is an old one ive had for a few years, says "Blizzard Holstar" on it. I think it was bought from learsports.

Any quick tips about what sort of oil is best for the run in period, and what ratio?
And for all I know, you start the bike by pressing that little brown nob down for 5 secs or so, then pedal with clutch disengaged then engage it. Is this correct?

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