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Default Re: Need Advise Toss up Between two kits

I am new to the site although I have been following it for months. So far I have 2 micargis 1 stealth and 1 general both with gasbike 80 cc black stallions. Also a micargi classic strech chopper Silver gasbike 80 cc. I want to do a geared bike but the bike I have 04 Marin Rocky ridge Is a cross between a bmx and a mountain bike. Cant fit a engine never mind sick bike parts shift kit. So I am now trying to decide between these two kits through statton inc They both have the Nuvinci hub but ones a twostroke and ones a four stroke. I also have a new whizzer ambassador 2. What a SLUG!! Anywho I want to hear something good about these kits..
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