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Default Re: SRAM front drum brake hub

Dan, you could use MS Paint but I'm just using the software that came with my old Scanner. It's called
iPhoto4. It came with a Mustek but lots of camera's used it too. It will do about everything you need
except layer. You can splice with it though. What I like about it is that I can complete a sketch like I do here and have it done faster than I can get PhotoShop to open. (even with the acceleration plugin's)

There are bunches of free graphic programs where you can work-up sketches quickly for free. I'll look around and post a few. I use letters of fonts from the Text to create my tires and hubs etc. The menu
provides for straight lines to be selected or freehand. When I do these I don't even use my graphics tablet....just freehand with a mouse. (that Bendix arm gives that away LOL)

But when it comes to rapidly prototyping a sketch (as it's difficult to "talk design") it's a handy technique.

But this front brake idea is one of my own and the mini block and tackle idea keeps me laughing inside. Real Appalachian-Engineering that one. (as you say Snork !) I'll have to get it on Utube.

Has anyone here tried to do that coaster to roller brake Uncle Kudzu posted yet ? I sure would like to try it with one of those.
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