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Default Re: What have I done?!?!

Originally Posted by huckersteve View Post
I did NOT know there was a SBP compatible clutch kit- hmm.... I'll try emailing them to see if I can change the order. Hopefully they will get it before anything ships out on Monday. Thanks for that heads up I appreciate it!

Sounds like you've either had a bad experience with or know someone who has. I guess we'll see how they do...
Readin' these forums all the time I retain useless info, I guess the clutch thing is not useless, since I would need to know that if I bought one for the "Blue Bike".

I have purchased something from them and I sure hope the motor don't break before the warranty is up. I have not modified that engine at all. It is still as purchased. I am following all the break in procedures which should be completed in the next week or so. (You read it here folks so it must be true.) When I think of them I think of "Throw" And "Trust"
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