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Default Re: SRAM front drum brake hub

Dan, this is from WIKI

Brake Levers

Brake levers are usually mounted on the handlebars within easy reach of the rider's hands. They may be distinct or integrated into the shifting mechanism. Road bicycles with drop handlebars may have more than one brake lever for each brake to facilitate braking from multiple hand positions.

[edit] Mechanical (cable)

Mechanical brake levers come in two varieties based on the amount of brake cable that they pull for a given amount of lever movement:

* Standard pull levers work with calliper brakes or traditional centre-pull cantilever brakes.
* Long pull levers work with "direct-pull" cantilever brakes, such as Shimano "V-Brakes"

The mechanical advantage of the brake lever must be matched to the brake it is connected to in order for the rider to have sufficient leverage to actuate the brake.

For example brake levers designed for calliper brakes may work with centre-pull cantilevers, but not with direct-pull, and linear-pull brakes. Direct pull cantilevers have twice as much mechanical advantage as traditional brakes, so they require a lever with half as much mechanical advantage. Long pull levers pull the cable twice as far, but only half as hard.[9]
When I looked at the brake levers they had in their photos (the UK site where they were
discussing the roller brakes and dynamo hub, the hand brakes looked about like any other
except for the fact they stood out further from the handlebar so the lever could swing further
in it's sweep) many of the supply sites in the USA have brake lever assemblies that are about
the same.

I think the difference is in the Drum having a cam which presses the shoes into the swept area
of the drum and the friction would tend to keep the contact whereas the rim serves much like
a disk rotor where the pads press against it. That could make some difference but I don't know from my experience.

I've been in that LongJohn org site a few times. I think I saw some old type handle grips I liked
there. (torpedo's)

On that Roadster bike, it looks a lot like the Dutch bikes. Here it is after editing it some and hopefully you'll be able to see it better below. Some of these web sites seem to make their
photos so dark you can't see them or cammo them against backgrounds that makes it nearly
hopeless to have a clear view of what you're looking at.
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